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Welcome to BodyFocus Health Group Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

Physiotherapy - Chiropractic - Massage - Podiatry - Acupuncture

BODYFOCUS Health Group is a state of the art multi-disciplinary health care group of practices located in Rhodes & North Ryde. Our health services include Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy.

What does healthcare mean to you? For some it may mean quick pain relief. For others it may mean returning back to the things they love ASAP.

For us it is about assisting ‘you’ achieve your long term goal of optimal health.  ‘Quick Fixes’ may appear attractive at first glance, however clinical experience tells us that they not only provide poor results, but they are more costly in the long term. Our treatment programs are individually tailored to you, not a ‘One Size Fits All’ policy.

At BODYFOCUS Health Group some of the benefits you can expect..

  • Complimentary Initial Assessment by a Physiotherapist

  • GAP-Free Initial consultation by a Chiropractor using Health Fund*

  • Accurate Diagnosis of Your Problem

  • Evidence Based Treatment Programs

  • Increased Strength and Flexibility

  • Become more Aware of Your Body and Posture

  • Have a Clear Long Term Plan to Stay on Track

*Conditions Apply. Must have available health fund cover for Chiropractic services



Physiotherapy is a clinical health science profession that aims to rehabilitate and improve people with movement disorders.




In the field of Chiropractic, the pathway to good health has to do with the spine. The spine houses and protects the spinal cord.




Podiatrists are highly skilled professionals trained to deal with the treatment of medical and surgical conditions of the feet.




Massage Therapy is defined as the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for a curative effect.




Acupuncture has been used for more than 3,000 years to correct systemic imbalances, reduce pain and relieve stress.




BODYFOCUS Health Group is an Australian owned and operated health care company providing allied health services.


How is our Approach Different?

Typically, patients managed by 'quick fixes' end up returning for numerous re-aggravation episodes, each of them costing time, money and ultimately your health. It is far easier to treat a problem the first time around rather than on the 5th ! We understand that people are busy and the idea of 'fixing' their problem quickly sounds very attractive. The truth is however, good recovery takes appropriate time and therapeutic intervention. All too often, clients as well as practitioners stop therapy at the first sign of pain-relief. This is a dangerous path to be on as it is completely wrong to base recovery of an injury on pain alone. Whilst pain is an important element for the client and practitioner, it is at the end of the day one of many elements that a good practitioner should be considering at any given time. Our highly skilled health professionals all stay up-to-date on the latest therapy practices and techniques , so you can rest assure that  you're receiving the best care. Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Podiatry and Acupuncture are unique complimentary therapies that can assist you with your particular problem.

Introducing our new BODYFOCUS GUARANTEE


We pride ourselves in delivering the very best service to each and every one of our clients.

We will guarantee the following level of service to our clients..

  1. You will understand what your problem is in a language which is familiar to you - Not Medical Jargon
  2. You will be given a prompt appointment with one of our skilled health professionals within 24 hrs* as we know the importance of early intervention.

*Conditions Apply


Bodyfocus Service Guarantee Terms & Conditions

  • If the 24hr period falls within a weekend, public holiday, or out of hours business day, then the next available business day will be offered



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